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Pre/Post Construction Services


Rough Interior Clean

Remove construction debris

Prep the floors for tile or carpet

Remove scuff marks from walls 

Dust and clean fixtures

Clean interior and exterior windows 


Final Interior Clean

Remove additional construction debris

Removal of built-up dust or dirt from difficult-to-reach areas

Remove plastic/stickers from furniture, windows, and doors

Remove caulk, dried paint droplets, or glue from light fixtures and outlets

Clean all appliances, shelves, and cabinets inside and outside

Wipe down walls, door frames, and baseboards

Clean all glass and fixtures 

Remove dust from the woodwork

Clean trim and baseboards

Clean floors by mopping, scrubbing, waxing, or buffing

Detail clean step and kick plates 

Detail clean all bathrooms, closets, offices, or storage areas 


Exterior Clean 

Remove excess trash and debris

Clean exterior windows and doors

Clean entryways and walkways

Clean or dust exterior fixtures or lights

Cleaning Materials
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